How to Get Licensed for Hunting & Fishing in Michigan: Latest House Bills Explained by 9 & 10 News



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The Michigan House passed a set of bills Wednesday requiring hunting and fishing guides to carry first aid equipment, establishing a licensing system and providing additional safety regulations for outdoor activities. The legislation will not come into effect until March 2024, so prospective guides have plenty of time to prepare.

Sen. John Cherry, D-Flint, who proposed one of the bills, explained during a meeting of the House Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee that the purpose of the package is to provide guidance and protection for Michigan’s natural resources while simultaneously ensuring a positive experience for those who take part.

The Legality of Guiding

The license, valid for three years, will cost $150 for state residents and $350 for non-residents. Upon application, guides must hold a valid Michigan license, be certified in CPR training, and not have any felony or game violations in the last three years. Individuals must also carry a first aid kit with their party.

Inland fishing guides will need to file monthly reports on the type and quantity of fish caught, while hunting guides will need to report information related to game and their operations. This data collection aspect of the legislation will aid in conservation efforts currently taking place.

Safety Benefits and Support

The regulations will provide novice hunters and anglers with greater assurance of a safe outcome when in unfamiliar settings. Mike Thorman, legislative director for the Michigan Hunting Dog Federation, said the package was not designed to interfere with the guiding industry, but rather to help collect and analyze valuable data.

The bills were passed unanimously by the Democratic side of the House, with Representatives Sarah Lightner, David Martin, Jerry Neyer, Mark Tisdel, and Doug Wozniak also voicing their support, as well as Rep. Bob Bezotte voting for one of the bills in the package.

Thanks to the introduction of new requirements, hunting and fishing guides in the state of Michigan can now experience increased safety, professionalism, and data collection in their outdoor activities.