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Explore Hunting and Fishing in Delaware with DNREC – Seasons, Maps & Guides

Take advantage of the incredible fishing and hunting opportunities the state of Delaware has to offer with the help of the Division of Fish and Wildlife. With 68,000 acres of public wildlife areas, anglers and hunters can explore a variety of diverse landscapes and species. Whether it’s in the Delaware River and Bay, the ocean, or the many different ponds, streams, rivers, and tidal creeks, the state of Delaware has a myriad of options for everyone.

Discover the Variety of Fishing Opportunities
Delaware holds an array of different fishing opportunities that cater to all kinds of anglers. From traditional sites like the Delaware River and the Bay to adventurous spots like the many ponds, streams, rivers, and tidal creeks, there is something for everybody.

Uncover the Range of Hunting Opportunities
As well as fishing, Delaware boasts a wide array of hunting opportunities. With 19 public wildlife areas, hunters can explore various terrains and discover different species.

Navigate the DNREC & Seasons, Maps & Guides
By partnering with the Fish and Wildlife Division of DNREC, anglers and hunters can find the most up-to-date information on regulations and season dates. Staying up-to-date with the current information is the key to discovering all the wonderful opportunities Delaware has to offer.